Access to the system uses standard UNIX System V user ID and password procedures. Each user is assigned a specific starting menu using the BMS Menu Security system. Only the functions available on that menu (and any sub-menus below it) can be accessed by the user. BMS provides instruction to key personnel designated by management on the maintenance of the menu system.

Although each individual user could be assigned a personal menu, the administrative burden would probably be excessive. Normally, menus are assigned to classes of users who all have a common set of responsibilities. For example, all those involved in Air Export would have the Air Export Menu while those in Import would have the ABI menu. Some of each group might also have access to Invoicing, Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable.

One key philosophy we have is that no one should have a menu option which does not work because of security. This tends to frustrate users and makes them try to find ways around the system. On the other hand, the menu system can cause programs to work differently depending on the privileges assigned to the user.