Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module permits the tracking of file related and direct expenses, the payment of Vendor Invoices and the determination of Cash requirements.

In the "normal" case, Vouchers (invoices) are entered through the expense section of the A/R invoicing modules. There is an Accounts Payable Enter/Edit program but we recommend that it be limited to correcting invoices and to entering direct expenses. All entries to the Accounts Payable module are required to be balanced and to be expensed to valid G/L accounts.

Each A/P record includes a Due Date. A Cash Requirements report based on this due date can be printed and checks can be selected for payment by due date.

Vouchers can be selected for payment manually by vendor and checks can be printed by site.

A Vendor Activity Inquiry shows amount, date, file, date paid, check number and balance due. There are also inquiries by bank/check and file.

The Aging Report can be printed in summary or detail for a specified range of vendors as of any specified date.

The module provides a capability for multiple Accounts Payable accounts. If this option is specified at system setup, then vendors can be restricted to a particular A/P account. For example, one account might be used for file related expenses and another for direct expenses such as utilities and rent.