Accounts Receivable

Customers can be designated as Import, Ocean Export and/or Air Export. Special profile data is stored for Import and Ocean Export customers.

The Cash Receipts sub-system provides great flexibility in accounting for application of cash receipts. Receipts can be recorded either against Accounts Receivable or as Miscellaneous Receipts. Accounts Receivable Cash Receipts include the ability to do write-offs against up to two General Ledger accounts. Cash can be entered as full or partial payment against specific invoices, as an overpayment against one or more invoices, as an advanced payment against a specific file or as unallocated cash for a specified customer.

The Cash Receipts Journal shows the application of cash and the batch total received by bank.

Aging can be printed in detail or summary as of any specified date. The system can reconstruct aging for any past day. This simplifies reconciliation of the ledger and sub- ledger totals.

The history of a customer's transactions can be displayed. Complete detail is shown including Invoice number, date and amount, together with payment date, check number and balance due. A unique inquiry shows both receivables and payables for a specified file. This permits a complete analysis of the file and assists management in deciding whether to pay a given invoice.

Specified management personnel can designate a given customer as unusable for new business. The user will be told who to contact.

A Statement printing program is included. The user can designate the minimum age of invoices to include. This program uses BMS's Formgen features. It can print statements either on pre-printed forms or in letter format.