Ocean Export

The Ocean Export system provides for the logging of Ocean export shipments and handles LCL, FCL, NVOCC and Master Bills of Lading. A template system is available which speeds the entry of repeat shipments.

The system provides complete tracking facilities by container type and number. Letters of Credit are recorded and tracked by expiration date.

The system collects AES Data for electronic transmission to Census. A complete array of exception reports simplifies processing of ExDec data.

The system tracks the processing of OBL's, recording the submission of OBL's to steamship lines and the return from the line. Freight, brokerage and date of export are recorded and automatically extended to invoices as appropriate. Brokerage is computed for prepaid, collect and direct freight charges and invoiced to the steamship lines on demand.

All code databases are provided together with programs to maintain them. Wherever possible, these files are shared with the Import sections and maintained through ABI. Schedule B numbers are provided in a database which is drawn from information provided electronically by Census.

In addition to printing Bills of Lading and Invoices, the system can extract the data required to print Commercial Invoices if desired.

A variety of statistical reports are available but we usually find that each Forwarder has its own unique requirements. We will provide whatever statistical and Sales Analysis reports are desired.