The Airpex System for Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers

AIRPEX is an integrated computer system for Freight Forwarders and Custom Brokers. It is compliant with all Industry and Government Regulations and is certified for ABI and AES. It is a fully integrated, turnkey system which includes hardware, software, installation, training and support. It includes AES compatible Air and Ocean Export, ABI Import, Break Bulk and Domestic Freight. It includes comprehensive Accounting tools and a General Ledger system.

The linkage between the application modules and the accounting system is through the Invoicing sub-system. Each application module has its own Invoicing function which is used to enter, edit, print and post invoices. This allows the programs to be optimized to handle the special requirements unique to each module. For example, the Air Export invoicing programs automatically handle Collect Air Waybills and Commissions and have to know the difference between Master, House and Direct Waybills. On the other hand, the Import invoicing programs have to know the quantity of invoices, lines and HTS numbers to calculate fees dependent on these quantities.

BMS has carefully crafted AIRPEX with the goal of providing the highest possible productivity for its users. We assume that the system will be used by skilled specialists who need efficient and flexible tools to get their job done. We recognize that the various organizations that you deal with have rules about how documents must be prepared. Our programs enforce these rules but at the same time give you the flexibility to get the job done.

The AIRPEX system is fully integrated. The operations programs are all built around an accounting kernel. Information only needs to be entered once and is then available wherever it is needed. EDI, FAX and E-mail functions are built right into the programs.


BMS is dedicated to providing the closest possible support. You are provided with emergency phone numbers where you can get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week if needed. At BMS you can talk directly to the people who wrote the programs and know how to help.

A Product of Business Management Systems

AIRPEX is a product of Business Management Systems. It has been under continuous development since 1980. For more information about BMS, visit